Your child wants to solve problems. Pursuing answers is deeply embedded in their mind and spirit. At this early age, they engage all their senses to find out “What?” As they make a discovery for themselves, the knowledge gained will anchor itself deep in their minds and habits. 

Raise A Child Who Loves Learning

Each child is on their unique educational journey. Where they stop and spend more time is up to them. The guide carefully observes the child, stepping in to offer help only when necessary. After spending three years in an environment prepared for their success and under the care of certified guides helping them unlock their potential, your child will step into elementary education with an incredible foundation of strong academic knowledge. More importantly, they will have their feet firmly planted in the path of a lifelong love for learning.

A Love for Learning

During their first six years of life, your child has a drive to complete two essential tasks. First, they want to construct themselves. Secondly, they want to adapt to their environment to develop into an individual of their time and place. The Children’s House at Revere is designed to help your child achieve their two goals and meet these developmental needs. Every material is there because your child has shown a deep interest in it. The guide is present to connect your child to the material. Through their own effort, your child will acquire both knowledge and a love for learning.

Designed to Support Your Child’s Natural Development

We can equip our children to thrive by providing them with a prepared environment curated for their development and success! No matter what they face in the outside world, they will have the knowledge, skills, and experience to overcome obstacles and succeed in the adult world.

Preparing Children to Thrive in Every Circumstance





Practical Life

In the Children’s House, your child will explore at their own pace and develop knowledge, skills, and proficiency in the following five areas:

The Children's House Curriculum

"The most important thing to me is seeing all the kids are happy and enjoying their time."

Madonna Rammal