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Revere Montessori 101: Answers to Common Questions About Our Approach

Montessori Education

Answering the Top 5 Questions about Our Children’s House Program

1. What is the Revere Montessori Mission?

At Revere Montessori, our mission is to empower, guide, and nurture children’s whole being, from early childhood. To do this, we provide a carefully prepared environment and a specially trained guide to support children in their trail of self-directed growth. But we don’t stop there because the home is the ultimate place of growth. Revere collaborates with parents through courses and articles to help them understand how their child’s work is supported in the Children’s House and provide practical tools that will help them to continue to support it in their actual homes. As a leading early childhood education centre, Revere Montessori is dedicated to fostering a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for children during their formative years.

2. How is the Revere Montessori approach different from conventional education?

3. What are the outcomes of your program?

By carefully preparing an environment tailored to meet the developmental needs and interests of children, coupled with personalized care and support, students can acquire advanced skills at an accelerated pace. For instance, our students consistently achieve the ability to read by the age of 4 and demonstrate proficiency in all four math operations with 4-digit numbers by the culmination of their Reception year and Year 1.

Notably, the language and math aptitude of our Year 1 align with or surpass what children in traditional programs typically learn in year 3 or beyond. Furthermore, our students enthusiastically embrace advanced academics while concurrently cultivating traits such as deep focus, self-discipline, and positive social skills.

As an early learning center in Dubai, we take pride in providing a holistic educational experience that goes beyond academic achievements, focusing on the overall development and well-being of each child in our care.

4. Do your programs include Year 1?

Certainly! In the third year of our Children’s House program, the child, having been thoroughly prepared, undergoes a remarkable surge in literacy, delves into advanced math concepts, and leverages their honed ability to focus, tackle problems, and persevere through challenges to achieve advanced progress across the curriculum. Those who extend their educational journey with Revere Montessori until 6 years of age frequently find themselves well ahead of their peers upon entering Year 1.

5. How does Revere Montessori partner with parents?

As an early childhood learning center, we recognize the significance of involving parents in their child’s educational journey. At Revere Montessori, our commitment is to ensure that the finest education is not only optimal for children but also for parents. To achieve this, we offer year-round, workshops at no additional expense, ensuring parents have consistent and uninterrupted access to the developmental support they need.

We extend an invitation for you to immerse yourself in your child’s experiences, facilitated through daily photo and video updates, regular milestone meetings, and parent-child events designed to showcase your child’s progress. We actively seek to understand your unique context and requirements, enabling us to provide comprehensive support for milestones both at home and at school.

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